The Resurrection of Jairus daughter The healing of the bleeding woman  


The Resurrection of Jairus daughter The healing of the bleeding woman

Sunday 9.11.2014

Z’ Luke


 There is still hope


Αντίγραφο από σταυροςκαινούργιοςIn both cases the Lord gives each person what they ask for, because they both ask in faith. But our faith in Christ should be such that we should accept what he says, even if this may seem to be against our better judgement. Just as it happens with the dead girl when Christ says she is sleeping.

Terrible antinomy; we need to overcome what cannot be overcome. Overcome your own knowledge of things, your own certainty, your own power of faculty. It is then that the Lord gives the gift of faith, which is the miracle: the healing of soul, sanctification. And this is because when we approach the Lord in faith, a mystical power comes out of God and is given to man. And this power gladdens man, fulfills man, heals man as it does here with the bleeding woman.

It is not accidental that the Lord raised dead people. He wanted to teach us that he is Master of life and death. And indeed, Master of spiritual life and spiritual death. Christ has the power to raise from spiritual death any given sinner. That being the case there is still hope for all sinners, for all people who are morally dead. And unfortunately society nowadays consists, for the most part, of people who are living dead.

Brother, you may be in such a spiritual state that people who cannot be of any help, condemn you, push you towards a spiritual grave. Beware and fear not. Do not despair. Christ has been especially waiting for you to give you life. Believe in him with your whole heart. Ask for his help, his mercy. Haste to one of his holy representatives and humbly, without reservations, confess with repentance all the things that have caused corruption and decay in your heart. Be certain, that instead of the spiritual grave towards which society is leading you, you will be returning to your own parental home, where God is the father. Everything there is living, clean, holy, glad.


Transcribed talks by Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos

From: Holy Hesychasterion “The Nativity of Theotokos” Publications.




The Resurrection of Jairus daughter The healing of the bleeding woman