About us

Participating in the gifts of the Resurrected Christ, presented to us through the Mysteries of our Church, and witnessing the misfortunes and sorrows of many of our fellow men, we, a company of orthodox youth from various countries, have decided to highlight the inexhaustible source of these gifts to those who ignore it and are thirsty for the “Living Water”.

We belong to the Orthodox Church and have spiritual communication with all the Orthodox Patriarchates as well as all local Autocephalous Churches and Mount Athos. We want to communicate and have dialogue because in this way we may realize our deficiencies and also our debt for our neighbor. In this effort we have the blessing and help of Bishops and Spiritual Fathers. 

Our effort is a spontaneous way of communication, out of love, so that those who desire it, may meet Christ.

Our effort is not religious propaganda, which contradicts the spirit of the Gospel. Christ does not want people to follow Him by force and without knowing who they believe in, but, instead, He seeks our communion with Him in order to provide us with His grace and salvation.

We respect the freedom and any specific individual characteristics. One’s ethnicity, language and culture. That’s why the message of the Gospel is presented, through the site of Multilingual Orthodoxy, unadulterated in any language without violating all the above mentioned specific characteristics.

In general, we present the accuracy of the orthodox faith and life, the wealth of the worship of our Church, the Patristic interpretation of the Scriptures and, mostly, the empirical witness and communication with our Theanthrope (God- man) Saviour, through the lives of our Saints.

Our Saints are the living images of  the Archetype Christ because they lived according to His Gospel, becoming His imitators in their love and sacrifice for the world. The Orthodox Church has never stopped bearing  saints, who, through the grace they have received, help people and perform miracles.

Thus, we are trying to contribute to world peace and love, without which, the world cannot live. Christ is the God of love, the light, the revealed  truth, the life of men and the only savior.

“Taste and see that the Lord is gracious”.