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On faith, miracles and salvation

  On faith, miracles and salvation




 On faith, miracles and salvationIf you believe strongly enough for the Lord to perform a miracle for you – enough, let’s say, for Him to raise one of your own from the dead or keep you alive although you are heading to death-, if, I repeat, your faith is as much as God needs to act upon and perform this miracle, then, the miracle doesn’t need to happen. Not in the sense that God doesn’t need to make it happen, but in the sense that you, yourself, don’t need it, because you don’t want it, either.


The point is not for a miracle to happen. If this was the case, God would perform the miracle. The point is for the inner man to rise from the dead, the point is for divine life to enter the human soul. The point is for man to live in God, rather than lead his plain human life. This is the great miracle. And it happens when your faith is such that God could perform the “other” miracle as well, and I mean the palpable miracle, which you don’t need anyway, when this spiritual miracle will have already taken place.


 On faith, miracles and salvationThe Lord can heal all sick people, but He doesn’t do it. He only cures people once in a while. Not getting sick or not even dying is not exactly the issue here. This is inevitable. Once people have fallen from grace and have walked the path of sin, they will bear all the consequences of sin to be saved in the end if they believe in God.

So, people will indeed get sick, they will indeed get hungry; they will indeed experience hardship and die.

Christ hasn’t come to raise all those who have died, or to feed all those who are hungry or even to heal all those who have fallen sick. He came to save everybody without exception. And many a time, salvation happens through sickness and pain, through hunger, through any given misfortune; and even through death.



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Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos



On faith, miracles and salvation