Holy Sayings


Holy Sayings

The biggest misjudgment

All those who see people romantically and from the outside, they move everything bad and evil that exists in them towards the environment and society in general. This is why they believe that the improvement of the environment and society will also improve all people. However, Orthodox Christians, without denying the importance of the effect that society could have on people, we give priority to the change of each person through “metanoia” (the refocusing of our mind towards Christ) and God’s Grace.  It is a big misjudgment to want to change everything around us without a fight to change ourselves.


An Orthodox Christian

To become an Orthodox Christian, you have to accept that the center of the world is not you but Christ. This is why it is difficult to become an Orthodox Christian, but easy to become whatever else you may want.


Gerontas Georgios Grigoriatis (Kapsanis) (†8 June 2014)

Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou










Holy Sayings