Force yourself to do God’s will


Every Christian, on the one hand, ought not to rush and on the other, he ought to push himself for ward. To rush is to run, to move on hurriedly before it’s good time in spiritual terms. Whereas to push on –“the kingdom of heaven suffereth violence”– is to oblige, to press, to force yourself to do God’s will. The other thing, rushing, is making haste to reach a point which you are still not ready to reach, before it’s due time. As a result, you definitely get into the wrong track.


Let us tune in our will to the will of God and move on according to it. And let us bear in mind that God’s will isn’t about reaching some place, but following the road that He has set for us. His will is that we move on keeping the pace He wishes us to keep. He doesn’t wish us to do things as we please or think fit



Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)

From the book: Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos, “SPIRITUAL MESSAGES” Panorama Thessaloniki, 2017









Force yourself to do God’s will