Elder Efraim of Arizona-Watch and be ready


“Eternity”—oh, what a great mystery! The world, the flesh, and the devil lead us astray and throw us into forgetfulness—and suddenly a voice is heard: “Behold, the Bridegroom comes!” When we are breathing our last, what preparation can we make then, when our conscience has already been cauterized and can no longer feel anything or cry out to us? Then the voice of truth is heard: “Only when the sun was setting did you remember God; what were you doing all day long when the sun was shining?” “Watch and be ready,” cries our Jesus! Blessed are those who have ears to hear, who hear and get ready, for they will be counted worthy of eternal happiness. Blessed are those servants whom the Lord will find ready when He comes, for they will rejoice eternally. Let us patiently endure the sorrows of life, that we may attain the eternal things full of joy. “In vain does every mortal trouble himself; as soon as we conquer the world, we dwell in the tomb.” As long as there is light, let us walk towards our great destination, for the hour is coming when there will be darkness, and then we shall no longer be able to work for our soul. —- 1 Ps. 118:60 2 cf. Mt. 24:43,44

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Elder Efraim of Arizona-Watch and be ready