Sometimes even the devil tells the truth

A certain hermit once had a conversation with the devil. During the course of the conversation the devil revealed certain truths which are very beneficial for all Christian’s to keep in mind. These truths will hopefully assist us in our preparation and struggle for Great Lent. They will hopefully assist us to better comprehend how precious the Mystery of Holy Communion is, especially when partaken of with a clean and pure heart.

 The devil once appeared to a certain hermit. The hermit mustered up the courage and asked the devil:

 ‘What things are you most scared of?’

 The devil answered:

 ‘There are some things that are dreadful and unbearable to us.’

 ‘Which are they?’ The Elder asked once again.

 ‘The first and foremost dreadful thing is Baptism, with which we lose dominion and right over you. Then there is the wood, (he means the Holy Cross and the sign of the cross) whose mark torments us, pushes us away and makes us disappear…’

 ‘However, the most dreadful of all is that which you eat, your Communion…. It is more dreadful than the fire of hell…more dreadful than the hell we live in. ‘Those’, the devil continued ‘who are clean and worthily partake of Holy Communion, not only can we not approach them but we also fear to even look upon.’

 And he immediately added:

 ‘Even though these things persecute and destroy us, we are nonetheless grateful towards people, especially those Christians who are careless; whose own passions wilfully pull themselves away from God’s power, energy and Divine Grace of the Mysteries. Subsequently, these Christians, of their own accord, provide us with the right to captivate their hearts and prevent them from ever repenting.’


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Sometimes even the devil tells the truth