The One, Only, and True Church is the Orthodox Church


The Orthodox Church is different than all other so called churches at three levels, because:

  1. a) It is the only one that follows truthfully and completely its theology.
  2. b) It is the only one that knows the mystery of the Grace, the holy life, and keeps in full the Holy Grace
  3. c) It is the oldest, the basic, and the fundamental from where other churches have left over the centuries.

A large portion of the Christian world tends to accept today one of the most dangerous heresies (the so called ecumenism), where all of the many of the so called Christian churches have equally the Grace, so it will be profitable to accept a union between all the churches under a common rule or a common understanding into one worldwide apostolic church.

You should not be deceived by this, but believe with all your heart and all the power of your soul that on this earth there is One, Only, and True Church that our Lord has established. The Orthodox Church preserves the teachings of Christ intact and incorruptible, possesses the entity of the knowledge and is without mistake.


Elder Sofronios of Essex



Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou






The One, Only, and True Church is the Orthodox Church