Elder Efraim of Arizona Away with despair and hopelessness

  After Judas the traitor dedicated himself to the Lord and became a partaker of grace, he performed miracles along with the rest of the Apostles, yet in the end he shipwrecked; whereas the thief who had done impious, evil, immoral deeds, by crying out for mercy, was granted repose in the calm haven of eternal bliss.
  The Jewish nation, which had received the promises of God and was called by Him special, chosen, and holy, 1 was blinded and lost Him forever. The barbaric nations, on the other hand, which were like the harlot in their works, received the gospel and inherited what Israel had rejected: God.
  Therefore, away with despair and hopelessness! No matter how sinful we may be, we should always turn the eyes of our soul to God and entrust ourselves to Him as servants entrust themselves to the hands of their master. In this manner let our eyes be fixed on the Lord, always trusting in His mercy until He has mercy on us. 2

1 vid. Ex. 19:5, 1 Pet. 2:9
2 Ps. 122:2

subm. no. 21



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Away with despair and hopelessness