Regarding Anger part 2

thimos (1)


Learn to bravely endure the temptations that the Lord permits to come upon you. Asking for what is “right”, is exactly when you are in the wrong! Learn not to make excuses but accept what has come upon you by saying “blessed”! And without even to be in the wrong, learn to say that you are wrong. The righteous thing to do is to bravely endure the coming temptation so you can become victorious regardless if you have fallen to this temptation or not. If you do not do that and you say, “But why?” you fight God, the one who tries to heal you from your state of passions by allowing temptations to come you.



source: Saint Joseph the Hesychast-teachings, “Expression of Monastic Experience”, ed. I. M. Philotheou – Holy Mountain

translation Dr. Nick Stergiou


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