Who made God?

Who made God?

Who made God?


The human mind cannot capture the without beginning and without end of God.

God, as God, is infinite in space and time, is without beginning and without end, is out of time and space. If God had a Creator or ancestors, then God would have had a beginning and it would have been created and thus not God.

God is not created, but creates. God before the creation of the material world, created the world of angels. Earlier than that we don’t know what God did. Perhaps God will reveal this to the people who will go to Heaven.

The life of God is for us inconceivable and unthinkable. As we do not know, how the life of the Saints close to God in Heaven is, similarly we do not know the life of God.


From the book “Youth Searches – First Volume: Matters of faith” (p.13), Arch. Maximus Panagiotou Monastery Panagia Paramythia Rhodes


Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou