Riches are the obstacle – Zaccheus Sunday (Luke 15)


It was as though Zaccheus and Christhad a secret communion. As though a secret code was working between them. Immediately Zaccheus, without forgetting the great condescension that the Lords howed him (ashe seeshimup inthetree), without becoming carried away and pretentious by the honour that Christ showed to him (ashe tellsZaccheus that he will go to his house), what does he do? In a very practical and precisemanner he realizes something very deep within himself. From this, he confesses and commits himself to restoration of whatever he acquired by fraud. Richesaretheobstacle. Andwiththisknowledgehemakeshisdecision. Zaccheusknowswhathemustdo, anddoesitimmediately.

These are signs of a soul’s true conversation with Christ! The strange thing, however, is that Zaccheus did not need any lofty orspecial conversation with the Lord to do that which he did. The soul knows what Christ wants, and when following Christ in a decisive manner,it immediately gives that which until then had been an obstacle. Likewise, Christ knows what our soul wants. As soon as it is confirmed in its desire to see Him, the soul is visited; the Holy Trinity itself will commune with the soul, in accordance with the Lord’s promise.




Holy Hesychasterion “The Nativity of Theotokos” Publications.

Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos




Riches are the obstacle – Zaccheus Sunday (Luke 15)