5th Sunday of the Fast—St. Mary of Egypt




(Mark 10:32-45)

God spoke in particular to St. Mary of Egypt


We Christians fall far short. In the Day of Judgement the Lord will say to us: “I never knew you.” We have wealth and we live like we are impoverished. Time passes and we take no notice of the blessings of God; we don’t respond. For each person things are a mystery. We see here that at one point God spoke to St. Mary of Egypt in particular and she heard and responded.

Normally, souls sleep in the death of convenience, and it is needful each time for us to wake more and more. But sometimes this awakening, this coming to our spiritual senses needs to be dramatic, and for a person to begin to repent. Are you still unrepentant and asleep at this moment? At the very least wake up now. Even one word from God is enough, is enough for souls to awaken—those who desire to awaken, of course.

If deep within our soul there exists a desire to change, Christ sees it, and if it is necessary for Him to do something shocking, He will do it. He has not done it to us yet since it appears more deeply as though our soul is hardened.

Let’s allow St. Mary of Egypt to be our lesson and example, who didn’t hesitate at all to respond. As soon as God showed her what to do, she did it. She promised our All-Holy Lady and kept it



Holy Hesychasterion “The Nativity of Theotokos” Publications.

Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos



5th Sunday of the Fast—St. Mary of Egypt