Let us humble ourselves like Christ – Elder Efraim of Arizona

Humility is a wonderful virtue, which makes fragrant the one who has it. He who has humility also has obedience, love, patience, and every virtue. When we get angry, or become enraged, or criticize, or do not obey, it is evident that we have a corresponding amount of pride and egotism. The more we progress in humility, the more the evil offspring of egotism will retreat. My children, let us humble ourselves for the Lord Who humbled Himself for us. The Lord showed so much humility, even to the point of crucifixion. So, shouldn’t we, who are lowly by nature, bow our head to our brother? Do we expect always to get our own way? If we want Jesus to dwell within our heart, let us love and humble ourselves like Christ. Let us not grieve Him any more with egotistic manifestations. Let us not crucify Him again with expressions and conduct lacking brotherly love. No more bitterness in the holy heart of our most sweet Christ.



From the book

Councels from the Holy mountain

Selected from the letters and homilies of Elder Efraim of Arizona

subm. no. 4

paragraphs: 10, 11, 12 from pages 221-222



 Selection of passages from the book by Silviu Podariu 












Let us humble ourselves like Christ