Holy sayings



The foolish people are angry because God doesn’t govern the world based on their logic, and the logical people are working continuously to get into the logic of God. It is very difficult even for the most logical person to understand why for one person things happen one way and for another person things happen differently; why the young person who desires to live dies, and the older person who desires death lives; why the pious person is tortured, and the one who doesn’t believe in God has a good time. Even the most holy of souls sometimes are in puzzlement in front of the enigmas of such facts.

St. Nicholas Velimirovic



The demons attack you with bad thoughts. Sometimes you even feel fear at the time of prayer. You should not be fearful of them but you should scorn them, and you should not stop saying the Jesus Prayer, don’t ever leave the Jesus Prayer. God will give you a lot of His Grace when you fight like that.


Elder Charalampos Dionysiatis (disciple of St. Joseph the Hesychast)




Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou





Holy sayings