When the grace of Christ comes to us




Everything that takes place in Church –vespers, matins, the prayers of the compline, the hours and all other services– and everything we do as Church, are an expression of the great mystery of the divine economy. Once we enter this mystery, we hold on to the bridge thrown to us by God through Church, and the grace of Christ comes to us.

That of course can’t be done in a magical way. It comes

Here is what we mean: Man has to repent, to struggle, to bleed, to feel contrition, to cry. He has to read and listen to the teachings of the Church, in order for the mystery to act in him, not in a magical way but as a mystery. This way the great miracle will take place in his soul.

Let us be gracious and noble before God. Let us

not yammer and whine.



Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)

From the book: Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos, “SPIRITUAL MESSAGES” Panorama Thessaloniki, 2017







When the grace of Christ comes to us