What is Gods will?


Every now and then, some people ask: “But what is God’s will? I don’t know the will of God.” What don’t you know? You don’t know, for example, that you should be praying a bit more than you are now? Does somebody really need to tell you this? You don’t know that the little prayer you do should be done with your whole heart? You don’t know that you shouldn’t talk back to someone, shouldn’t talk to him in a way that makes him distressed? You don’t know that you should help him? You don’t know that you should forgive him? That you should tolerate him? Should love him? And should pray for him? You don’t know that you should be patient? And that you shouldn’t get angry?

Do what you know. And God, seeing your

sincere disposition to continually know His will, will find a way to make clear to you every time that which you don’t know.



Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)


Timeless Truths


The Annual Liturgical Cycle for every year


edited with translation by Theophilos Lasswell











What is Gods will?