Let the Holy Spirit turn you into a true Christian

Let us, Christians, stop searching all over the place, as if we lacked something, or, as if we deserved back something owed to us. We have been given everything and everything has been bestowed upon us with Baptism, when we received the grace of the Holy Spirit, in mystery. All we need is get it together and discover this treasure. How can it be done? By living in the worship of the Church.

If God sees our true repentance, our true confession, and gives us His forgiveness, the grace of Baptism will be rekindled in us by the Lord. Just like the fire in a fireplace which is about to die out and you bring it back to life. You find some spark, or little flame there, you put paper, tinder and wood and stir it up until it becomes big. This is how the fire of the Holy Spirit will be set ablaze in us, will burn bright and turn us into true Christians.


Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)



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Let the Holy Spirit turn you into a true Christian