Advice for spiritual encouragement

 Do you want to be assured whether you think, act, speak properly or not every minute of your life? Keep this in mind: “Do I act, think, or speak having the sense of God’s presence?” This way you instantly check out whether what you are thinking, saying or doing is right or not.

Many times the devil manages things one way or another and it seems as if things get to a point of no return when destruction is about to come. But ultimately, the devil is the one who gets destroyed. God manages things in a way so that our enemy, whoever wants to hurt us, is the one to fall in the pit and die. We see this in the life of the saints.

Even the highest spiritual experiences along with the most holy actions you commit should be confessed and put under the supervision of your spiritual guide in order you do not get misled.



Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)



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Advice for spiritual encouragement