Hell and the Love of God


Hell and the Love of God

Hell is to be away from God. Hell for a child is to be away from its mother.

Most people are so consumed by earthly concerns and possessions that they never get to feel the love of God.


God’s approach and Satan’s approach

God wants us, above all, to be happy and to enjoy inner peace. God is not a tyrant who pesters and intimidates us, but instead he wants us to be free.


The devil is very crafty. He is constantly trying to find a weak spot in everybody. Guarding your mind and your thoughts is the most important thing.


Satan’s handiwork is to constantly put malicious and damaging thoughts in people’s minds.






From the book “From the Ascetic and Hesycastic Athonite Tradition” Translated by Anna Pipinos and Elias Pipinos.












Hell and the Love of God