Spiritual messages.Elder Georgios Kapsanis ..



Our society today


How can our society be healthy when we, rulers and people who are being ruled, deify ourselves, cultivate a culture of self-love, vanity, and egoism, which is a dead-end?





Gains the ability to


Through constant repentance and spiritual exercise, the Orthodox Christian seeks to overcome the sin – egoism that cancels communion. The more a person is cleansed of passions, the more he gains the possibility of true communion with God and the other human beings.





Then we are worthy


We must overcome our selfishness and ego, so that the love of God may reign in us, and then we are worthy of heaven.



Elder Georgios Grigoriatis Kapsanis (1935-2014)

Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou









Spiritual messages.Elder Georgios Kapsanis ..