Prophet Habakkuk (Abbacum)



Speech of the blessed Confessor Theologian Nikolaos Sotiropoulos, on the subject of “Saint John the Russian”, a wonderful incident that happened to the Prophets Habakkuk and Daniel and is mentioned in the inspired Holy Bible:

One day says the book of the Prophet Daniel, the Prophet Habakkuk (Abbacum) prepared a meal and was ready to bring it there to the fields for the reapers to eat. At that time, an angel of the Lord appeared and said to Habakkuk “Bring the food to the Prophet Daniel, in the den of lions”.

“My Lord,” Prophet Habakkuk then said to the angel, “I have never seen Babylon and do not know the pit. How do I get the food there?”

Then the angel, he says, grabbed the Prophet and carried him in an instant to Babylon, over the lions’ den and gave the food to Daniel and the Prophet Daniel was moved and said “I praise you Lord, because you remember those who love you!”.

Again in an instant the angel restored the Prophet Habakkuk to his place in Judea.


Translation from the Greek source:









Prophet Habakkuk (Abbacum)