Holy sayings

Holy sayings



Truly wise is not the one who teaches with words, but the one who teaches with his example.

Abbas Iperehios



The true teacher is the one who doesn’t desire high positions and he is clear of vanity and pride. Further, he cannot be tricked by flattery, he is not blinded by presents, he is not ruled by anger, but on the contrary he is forbearing, lenient, more humble than everybody, accepted by everybody, patient, farsighted, and philanthropist.

Amma Theodora



My brother, if they put you in charge, don’t be prideful, but be among your subordinates like you are still one of them. Always think your previous hard work, when you were under someone else. Care about your subordinates and don’t forget them. Because the one who cares about his subordinates and teaches and helps them with proper advices, he will be rewarded by God.

Saint Ephrem



Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou




Holy sayings