St. John Escape 



When Herod ordered the massacre of infants, St. John the Baptist was on the blacklist. St. John the Baptist was then about two years old, but he was miraculously saved. His mother Elizabeth took him in her arms and ran to hide. He went up the mountain. In her great agony she gave a cry and said: “Oh, Mountain of God! Receive the mother and the child.” Immediately the mountain opened in half. Mother and child crossed over!

“And Elizabeth took John asked the stone. Receive mother and child, Stone receives mother and child” (Orthros 29 December). 

Meanwhile Herod was looking for John. He sent soldiers to Zechariah, John’s father.

-“Where have you hidden your child?” they said to him.

-“I am a minister of the Most High, I do not know where my son is now,” he replied.

The soldiers brought the news to Herod. Herod was angry. He gave orders to slaughter the Baptist’s father. And they slaughtered him between the temple and the altar (Mt. 23:35).

Father Basil Bakoyannis


Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou







St. John Escape