Elder Efraim of Arizona. The benefits of Illness


My child, I pray that the God of patience and consolation will strengthen you in your illness, which you have fallen into by the will of God. When I heard that you were seriously ill, I felt much pain for you and begged our Panagia to make you well, first in soul and then in body. My child, think of the holy martyrs how much they endured for the love of our Christ! Therefore, you should also say to yourself, “Lowly one, patiently endure the torments of illness so that you may avoid the eternal torments of hell!” Those martyrs voluntarily submitted to the tortures of martyrdom, whereas you are in pain involuntarily. But even this is good; it will benefit you significantly—just bear the chastisement of the Lord with joy and thankfulness. Tell yourself these and other such things to strengthen yourself and to give yourself fortitude and consolation. —- Rom. 15:5


subm. no. 17 paragraphs: 2*, 5, 6 from pages 38, 44




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Selected from the letters and homilies of Elder Efraim of Arizona

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Elder Efraim of Arizona. The benefits of Illness