Elder Efraim of Arizona about Illness


 A physician torments a sick person with operations, bitter medicines, amputation of body parts, etc., with the purpose, of course, of curing him and not of torturing him out of wickedness. Likewise God, as the Physician of our souls and bodies, heals us with all kinds of medicines, afflictions, and sufferings to give us our spiritual health, which is the greatest good that exists. But those who are indignant and do not bear it patiently—like me—lose the spiritual benefit and thus gain only pain. So, since God saves us in such a miraculous way, we have the necessary obligation to thank Him unceasingly and to bless His All-holy Name. We should do so not only with our mouth, but primarily with our works, so that no deed of ours may offend God’s grandeur. For if we bless Him with our lips and revile Him with our works, then we are mocking Him. Let us make an effort not to grieve our Christ by any offense, so that the Holy Spirit may rest in our souls. Amen.



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Elder Efraim of Arizona about Illness