Elder Efraim of Arizona. A poisoned heart

A poisoned heart


The heart is poisoned and darkened by pleasure and sensuality. Then, since it is darkened, it does the works of darkness, grieving the Holy Spirit Whom it had received through rebirth in the sacred baptismal font. Conversely, pain and affliction expel culpable sensuality from the heart. As it is cleansed by pain, it becomes capable of receiving the comforting Spirit. Once the good Comforter comes, He consoles, encourages, and enlightens the heart, and as a nurturer He gives it life with the divine teachings and the aids of joy and hope.
So look upon the noetic bronze serpent, Jesus, Who heals through pain all souls that suffer from the bites of poisonous sin in its many forms.


subm. no. 17

paragraphs: 2*, 5, 6 from pages 38, 44

‘*’ means paragraph was chopped into pieces, perhaps not all of them included.


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Councels from the Holy mountain

Selected from the letters and homilies of Elder Efraim of Arizona

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Elder Efraim of Arizona. A poisoned heart