The Healing of the Bent and Burdened Woman


The Healing of the Bent and Burdened Woman

10th Sunday of Luke

(Luke 13: 10-17)


” I , my God, take responsibility of my own actions……”


 The Healing of the Bent and Burdened WomanIf the Bent Woman had not been going to the Synagogue every Sunday, she may not have met Christ. But she had the courage and the spiritual strength to follow Christ –she was devout, and a regular churchgoer; she was never absent from devotional gatherings– and was not scandalised because of her illness. Us, we believe that we are going to meet Christ at very special moments. Yet, there, where we go about our regular daily duties, the Lord may come to find us at any given moment. And in unsuspecting times, he may say unexpectedly: «Υou are loosed from the illness of the sin. It is over. That was enough!» And we will say in surprise: “Was it so simple, so easy to be released from the ties of sin, from devil’s influence on me?” And you will say so, becasue it appears very difficult and complicated to feel healed and free. And it appears so, because our own stance is wrong. You are not, that is, honest towards God.

But, what is this right stance which, so to speak, unties the hands of God and sets him free to work within us with our consent. Blaming ourselves, that is what it is: “I, my God, take responsibility for being dragged about wherever devil wishes. But I come to you, who is strong, to set me free of this influence”. Practically, this means that you start not to succumb to your whims and wishes. Christ is, thus, convinced that you indeed seek salvation. And He grants you spiritual awareness whereby you experience salvation. And while you are touching and feeling your own barrenness, at the same time you have a sense of being touched by this awareness, the divine grace, this sυpernatural spiritual reality within you.

When you believe this way, simply and truly, then you stop doing things Christ does not want. Spontaneously, you strive eagerly to please God.



Transcribed talks by Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos

From: Holy Hesychasterion “The Nativity of Theotokos” Publications.



The Healing of the Bent and Burdened Woman