Comboschini The Prayer Rope PART 3

Comboschini The Prayer Rope PART3


Comboschini The Prayer Rope PART 3

Some quotes on the prayer “Lord Jesus Christ  have mercy on me” from our Holy Fathers.

Comboschini The Prayer Rope PART 2


In the First Epistle to the Thessalonians the  Apostle Paul says “pray without ceasing”.


St John Chrysostom in his speech about sobriety  and prayer says the following: “Brothers, be  always occupied with the intellectual prayer and  do not move far away from God until you receive  God’s mercy and pity. Never ask for anything but  for His infinite mercy and this is enough for your  salvation. When asking for His mercy, cry aloud
in entreaty with humble and contrite heart from  morning to night and, if possible, during the  whole night saying unceasingly: Lord Jesus  Christ, Son of God, have mercy on us.”


St John Climacus says the following: “Defeat the enemies with the name of Jesus, for there is no stronger weapon in heaven or on earth.” (‘The Ladder’, Ch.20 -On unmanly fear-, §6) and elsewhere: “Similarly you will manage both to appease your passions inside yourself and to efface them with the aid of the prayer.”


St Seraphim of Sarov says: “When mind and  heart are united in prayer and the soul is wholly  concentrated in a single desire for God, then the  heart grows warm and the light of Christ begins  to shine and fills the inward man with peace and  joy. We should thank the Lord for everything and  give ourselves up to His will;

We should also offer  Him all our thoughts and words and strive to  make everything serve only His good pleasure.”


St Isihios writes about the prayer: “Through the  constant remembrance and invocation to Jesus  Christ, a holy condition is created in our mind.   This happens, if we appeal to Jesus Christ with fervour, crying aloud towards Him in entreaty day and night so that repetition leads to habit and habit becomes second nature!”


 Comboschini The Prayer Rope PART 2A few more quotations about the need to pray, what prayer is and what fruits it could bring,   but not about how to pray.


 “Prayer is, by its nature, the joining and union of man and of God, while by its work, the sustainer of the world.” (‘The Ladder’, Ch.28, §1, 6th  century )


“Many people reason quite the wrong way round about prayer, thinking that good actions and all sorts of preliminary measures render us capable of prayer. But quite the reverse is the case, it is  prayer which bears fruit in good works and in all the virtues.” … “Christians are bound to perform  many good works, but before all else what they   ought to do is to pray, for without prayer no other   good work whatsoever can be accomplished.”   (‘The Way of the Pilgrim’, Ch.1, 19th century)


“When grace is operative in the soul of someone who is praying, then he is flooded with the love of God, so that he can no longer bear what he  experiences. Afterwards, this love turns towards  the world and man, whom he comes to love so  much that he seeks to take upon himself the whole  of human pain and misfortune so that everyone  else might be freed from it. In general he suffers  with every grief and misery, and even for  animals, so that he weeps when he thinks they are  suffering. These are the properties of love, but it is  prayer that activates them and calls them forth.  This is why those who are advanced in prayer do not cease to pray for the world. To them belongs  even the continuation of life, however audacious  and strange this may seem. And you should know that, if such people disappear, then the end of this world will come”.   (Saintly Elder Joseph the  Hesychast, 20th century)


“…we ought to think of God even more often than we draw our breath; and if the expression is permissible, we ought to do nothing else.” ( St. Gregory the Theologian, 4th century )


“When the Jesus Prayer is absent, all manner of harmful things assail us, leaving no room for anything good in the soul. But when our Lord is present in the prayer, everything alien is   banished.” ( St Gregory Palamas, 14th century )

Archimandrite Iosif


Reprinted text published in  “Agioritiki Martiria”  by the Hiropotamos Monastery  of the Holy Mountain Athos.

                               Issue no 12-13, page 155-1991


First prototype edition in English:  “The Prayer Rope ΄    Meditations of a Monk of the Holy Mountain”

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