Holy Sayings: How we should act


How we should act in this world

We should not forget the reality that exists around us, but in every occasion we should act according to Christ.

Elder Sophrony of Essex


Teaching by example

The Abbot papa-Charalampos Dionysiatis once gave to a young monk as a canon (or spiritual work) to perform a certain number of prostrations. The young monk found them too many. So, then the sweet and pure souled Abbot told him,“Don’ t do them, I will do them for you!” The young monk however, couldn’ t bare that the old Abbot will do his work, and he later started doing them and completed them all without further hesitations.

From the book “From the Ascetic and Hesycastic Agioritiki Tradition” , Holy Mountain 2011








Holy Sayings: How we should act