St. Nektarios Aiginis. Spiritual messages

They are powerless

The heart of the unbeliever is no longer full of infinity and is always groaning, seeking and longing, but never satisfied. This is because the pleasures of the world are powerless to fill the emptiness of his heart. The pleasures and amusements of the world, when they are extinguished, leave only bitterness in the heart, while vain glories have sorrows for companions.





Not ours


We are led to perfection by the Lord, who comes and dwells in us when we do His commandments. And one of the first commandments is to do in our lives the will, not our own, but God’s. And to be done with the precision that is done in heaven by the angels.


St. Nektarios Pentapoleos 


Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou






St. Nektarios Aiginis. Spiritual messages