They are all for you


Happiness is when you rejoice and praise the Lord for what you have, remaining content and staying away from complaints, sadness, and distress over what you dream you should have.

Live your days simply, and thankfully, without agonizing concern for the future.

Don’t waste your time fantasizing about things that don’t exist, but make the most of the present.

You must be clear-headed, considerate, hard-working, and prudent.

Take care of yourself and be watchful.

Place with trust your life in the providence of Him whose love gave you existence and life.

The sea and the land and everything on it are for you.

The air, sky, and the stars show their order and their harmony to you.

The incarnation of His son was for you.

The distribution of the gifts of the Holy Spirit was for you.

The abolition of death and the hope of the resurrection are for you.

And if you work hard for virtue, His glorious kingdom and the crowns of righteousness are for you.



St. Basil the Great

Translated by Elias and Argyrenia Pipinos











They are all for you