The perfect child


If we have very little faith, then we are distressed and sad. One of the great benefits of faith is to be free of worries and sadness.

For example, when a child knows that there is a father who takes care of the house and provides for him, then every sadness ends quickly with a song. However, if the child becomes an orphan, then there are no songs but only worries, distress, and sadness which surrounds the lonely child.

Practically, a lot of faith leads to less worries, but perfect faith leads to complete happiness. Moses and the Prophets were following God like children that follow their father. They only had problems when they were losing their trust in God and were loaded with worries and concerns.

Jesus was the perfect child with complete devotion, obedience, and trust towards the Father.


Saint Nikolaj Velimirović


Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou










The perfect child