Spiritual forcefulness  

  Constant forcefulness is necessary for us not to remain outside the bridal chamber of Christ, as did the foolish virgins. Rather, our spiritual forcefulness should continuously light our lamps, so that we can see Christ entering His bridal chamber and enter together with Him into the eternal wedding of the Lamb!
  Courage, my child; keep your chin up when you face the enemy, for we are soldiers of the great King, Who triumphed at the battlefront on Golgotha. If we are ever defeated, let us rise once again, and after we have bandaged our wounds, let us take up our weapons again with bravery and a firm heart. Since we have this kind of victorious Commander-in-Chief, we, too, shall be victorious with the power of our Christ, as long as a spirit of humble-mindedness dwells in our souls.



subm. no. 14

paragraphs: 11-15 from pages 198-200



From the book

Councels from the Holy mountain

Selected from the letters and homilies of Elder Efraim of Arizona

Selection of passages from the book by Silviu Podariu





Spiritual forcefulness