Frequency in prayer -Elder Efraim of Arizona

  Frequency in prayer creates a habit of prayer, which quickly becomes second nature and which frequently brings the nous and the heart to a higher spiritual state. It is the only way to reach the height of true and pure prayer. It constitutes the best means of effective preparation for prayer and the surest road for one to reach the destination of prayer and salvation.

  Each one of us is able to acquire interior prayer—that is, to make it a means of communication with the Lord. It does not cost anything except the effort to plunge into silence and into the depths of our heart, and the care to call upon the name of our sweetest Jesus Christ as often as possible, which fills one with elation. Plunging into ourselves and examining the world of our soul give us the opportunity to know what a mystery man is, to feel the delight of self-knowledge and to shed bitter tears of repentance for our falls and the weakness of our will.



  p.359-361, par.1-12 

From the book

Councels from the Holy mountain

Selected from the letters and homilies of Elder Efraim of Arizona

  p.359-361, par.1-12 




 Selection of passages from the book by Silviu Podariu 







Frequency in prayer