Elder Efraim of Arizona. The shorter road to God


 I entreat our Panagia very much that she grant me humility in all things, for it is a fundamental virtue, and without it the grace of the All-holy Spirit does not validate any of our work! When the Archbishop of Alexandria, Theophilos, visited the fathers of Mount Nitria, he asked the Elder of the mountain, “What have you found, Father, more than us in this way of ascesis?” And the venerable one replied, “To reproach myself at all times.” “Truly,” replied Theophilos, “there is no shorter road to God than this!” Whenever a person looks upon himself with humble thoughts and self-reproach, he will see in his soul a sweet repose, peace, consolation, relief, and hope! While on the contrary, what shows him his pride of soul is restlessness, agitation, wrath, boasting, haughty tendencies, and so on.



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Councels from the Holy mountain

Selected from the letters and homilies of Elder Efraim of Arizona

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Elder Efraim of Arizona. The shorter road to God