A modern miracle


It was after hours on Sunday night when the priest of the church decided to call his wife at home to tell her that he would be coming home shortly. He let the phone ring several times, but she didn’t answer. The priest was puzzled but decided to take care of some last-minute details before calling again. When he did after a few minutes, she answered immediately.

“Why didn’t you answer the first time?” he asked her.

“But it didn’t ring another time!” she told him.

They paid no further attention to the event and dealt with their current family matters.

The next day the priest received a phone call at the temple.

“You called me yesterday” said a male voice from the other end of the phone.

“Me?” asked the priest.

“Yes, it rang several times, but I didn’t pick it up” replied the man.

Immediately the incident of the phone call to his wife came to the priest’s mind.

“Ah, yes!” the priest said. “I wanted to call my wife and I accidentally called you!”

“That’s all right,” the stranger reassured him. “Only I would like to tell you in a few words my story. So yesterday I had decided to end my life. I couldn’t bear to suffer any longer. I was tired. It doesn’t matter how or why. But before I did that, I told God that if He didn’t want me to kill myself, He should send me a sign. Then the phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it said Holy Trinity. As soon as I saw it, in my panic and the intensity of the situation I was experiencing I was afraid to answer it. And so, the sign I asked for, came to me through your phone call!”

The priest smiled and, in his heart, he thanked God for this gift of life. He was so happy that he was the pastor of the Holy Trinity church, and the church phone number was listed in the phone book.



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A modern miracle