Eleventh Sunday of Matthew (Of the talents)



Are you well disposed towards forgiving those whο trespass against you?


In today’s parable, the Lord speaks about a certain king who forgave one of his servants a great debt. Not only, however, did this servant not forgive one of his fellow servants even a very small debt, but went and threw him in prison. The Lord said these things in order to instruct us to forgive others, even our enemies, so that God might forgive us our sins.

And when yet with the grace of God you feel your sin, your vileness, you feel exposed before God seeking he have mercy, have compassion, upon you, you must examine yourself honestly, even in these moments of grace visiting:  are you truly well disposed towards forgiving your enemies who trespassed against you in the past or that presently trespass against you? From another vantage point, you will forgive others when you find yourself standing before God, yourself indebted. You will feel that your soul is lost forever, if God does not forgive you. This thought will help you to see others in a more positive light and to forgive them –not sentimentally or from some great height, as though you are someone of importance –but truly.

Man must become like God. Just as God is merciful, compassionate, good and forgives, man must also be this way. If your heart does not change towards your fellow human beings, towards even your enemies, such that you show compassion, benevolence, and true forgiveness, do not expect God to forgive you.  This is something we must do immediately and not leave it for a later date. Happy is he who has this forgiveness within himself, who does not hold grudges even if the other has hurt him. In this way man gains peace, becomes calm, and experiences sweetness within himself. Mostly though, he has the feeling that God forgives even him.



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Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos







Eleventh Sunday of Matthew (Of the talents)