The perfection of God’s gifts reveal His love


Always think of our God and His love for all of us with great affection. Everything you see in the sky, on the earth, the place of your residence, speak to you so you can see our Lord and His love for all of us.

Every creature of God is a revelation of His love for us. As you admire and enjoy all of his creations, whisper the following inside you:

“This is the work of the hands of my God, and it was created as a favor for me.”

“These heavenly bodies, the sun, the moon, and the stars are creations of my Lord, and were made to shine their light to the whole world and to me.”

“This earth, that I live on and which gives her fruits to me and to my animals, she along with everything in and on her are creatures of my Lord.”

“This water that quenches my thirst and the thirst of my animals is a gift to me from my Lord.” “These animals that work for me were created by my Lord and He placed them under me to serve me.”

“This house, where I live, is a gift of God, and He gave it to me for my rest.”

“The food I eat is a gift from God, and He gives it to me to help and comfort the weaknesses of my body.”

“This clothing that I wear was given to me by my Lord and my God in order to cover my naked body.”


From “Path to Heaven”

Translated by Anna Pipinos



















The perfection of God’s gifts reveal His love