“And by believing, man understands God”

“Did not our heart burn within us?” said Luke and Cleopas reaching the end of their walk with Christ. Many times the Lord is beside us, close to us, but in a way that we are unable to understand. His presence is imperceptible. And the Lord patiently waits until we pick up on it.

There is always room for greater and more faith. And God expects this. God speaks and man must listen, study and believe. And by believing the road opens, light is shed on things, man understands and comes to an understanding with God.

If such willingness, such craving as if we are not having enough of the Gospel, doesn’t enter our soul, there is something wrong with us. This means that our soul has become stale and dry. And that’s a pity. We should become worried.


Archimandrite Symeon Kragiopoulos (†)



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“And by believing, man understands God”