The love of God 



There is the familiar argument of the atheists:

Why doesn’t God regulate all this if he is omnipotent? Or is he not omnipotent? Obviously, God is omnipotent! But his power is not that of dictators and demons, nor even the power I can exercise in my hatred. God’s omnipotence is me! Here, I use a term that is difficult to translate and needs analysis- …Love…. !!!!! Not the Love that possesses, but the Love that respects. The Love that is identified with what theologians call “kenosis”. People can create copies and imitations. But only an absolute omnipotence can create a truly absolute otherness, a freedom truly free! The act of creation means risking God! God risks being rejected, being driven away, to be crucified through the freedoms which is the masterpiece of His omnipotence! Love is powerless because it is omnipotent. You know very well that the more you love someone, the more powerless you are. Love which is freedom, seeking freedom, cannot eliminate externally, authoritatively and as a dictator, the darkness that dwell within us, to which we so often, comfortably and effortlessly we surrender Creation.


Olivier Clement, Professor at the Institute of Orthodox Theology “Saint Sergius” in Paris


Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou









The love of God