How wonderful are the gifts of the Jesus of Prayer.


But how wonderful, how delightful, and how consoling a thing it is when God pleased with your efforts in praying unceasingly with the Jesus Prayer (Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me), grants you the gift of the self-acting spiritual prayer, and cleanses also the soul from all earthly sensualities! It is a condition which is impossible to describe, and the discovery of this mystery of the Jesus Prayer is a foretaste on earth of the bliss of heaven. Such happiness is reserved for those who follow God with a pure and loving heart. So, say the Jesus Prayer as often as you wish and as often as you can. Try to devote every moment you are awake to the prayer, call on the name of Jesus Christ without counting the number of times, and submit yourself humbly to the will of God, looking to Him for help. I am sure He will not forsake you and that He will lead you into the right path.


From The Way of the Pilgrim

Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou











How wonderful are wonderful are the gifts of the Jesus of Prayer.