How to pray. You will find it easily

You will find it easily

If you truly want to learn how to pray, take as an example and learn to imitate a good guitar player.

Such a person tilts the head slightly down and when he hits the strings listens carefully the outcome. Just as the strings are struck masterfully, the guitar emits the melody, and the guitarist is pleased with its sweetness.

You, like the guitarist, when you turn your attention towards the bottom of your heart, you will find easily what you are looking for. Because the soul that is completely overwhelmed by divine love, cannot see anything else.

St. Kallistos of Constantinople




This helps a lot

Do your best to get good thoughts for others. If it is possible, to see everybody as a person with virtues and goodness. Only in ourselves to see defects and bad things.

This helps a lot to gain humility.

Eldress Theosemni of Chrysopigi



Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou












How to pray. You will find it easily