Act like the father


Those who do not act like the Father, the Father, when they call him Father, does not listen to them. Approach Him, therefore, after you first give evidence that you are a son, and then He will embrace you as His child.


St. John the Chrysostom



Ashamed to do


What a man is not ashamed to say, he will not be ashamed to do, and what a man is happy to hear, he will be unfeelingly ashamed to do.


St. Fotios the Great




The fault of my brother


A brother asked the Abba Poemen: “If I see any fault of my brother, is it good to cover it up and not say anything?” And the Elder answered: “Whenever we cover our brother’s fault, God also covers ours. And whenever we reveal our brother’s fault, God will reveal ours.”


Great Gerontikon




Translated by Dr. Nick Stergiou










Act like the father